The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections

Edward Elgar

The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections explores the relationship between home environments and family and societal wellbeing.

In the first major work to take the home as a center of analysis for global social problems, experts from a variety of fields reveal the multidimensional reality of the home and its role in societies worldwide. This unique book serves as a basis for action by proposing global legislative, political and institutional initiatives with the home in mind.

The multidisciplinary and integrative approach taken by this book avoids simplistic accounts of the home, studies the value of the home, the service it offers, and its contribution to the wellbeing and prosperity of communities. Reviewing its internal functions and external relationships, the authors connect the themes of family, housing, income and wealth, community, relationships, family policies, socioeconomic setting, culture and history from across the world.
Academics studying issues such as family, housing, public and social policy, sociology, urban studies and poverty will benefit from the range of insights this book offers into what the home means worldwide. Policymakers, social organizations and specialized networks working in the areas of family, education, poverty and housing will greatly benefit from the insight and breadth of this research. 



Bryan Sanderson, Home Renaissance Foundation

Carlos Cavallé, Social Trends Institute

Antonio Argandoña

1. The home: Multidisciplinary reflections
Antonio Argandoña 

PART I Philosophy
2. What is a home? On the intrinsic nature of a home
Alfredo Marcos and Marta Bertolaso

3. Self and others: Home as a cradle of a non-violent relationship
Maria do Céu Patrão Neves

Part II Health Sciences
4. The impact of the home environment on children’s health and cognitive and social development
Sir Harry Burns

PART III Sociology
5. Reproducing homes: Intergenerational transmission of marriage and relationship legacy
Mark Regnerus

PART IV Economics
6. The family and economic theorizing
Stefano Zamagni

7. Pension provision, lifetime financial sustainability, care and dignity in old age: Legal and economic issues
E. Philip Davis and Rosa M. Lastra

PART V Geography
8. Spatial relationality and domesticity: Reality and functions of the home from a human geography perspective
Alban d’Entremont

Experts associated with the publication: A. Argandoña, M. Bertolaso, H. Burns, A. d’Entremont, M. do Céu Patrão Neves, E.P. Davis, R.M. Lastra, A. Marcos, M. Regnerus, S. Zamagni

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