Identities Through Fashion

Berg Publishers

Fashion has become a fertile field of study for academics across disciplines, now that the rules, once tightly fixed, have been deconstructed.

This volume brings together academics from various disciplines - philosophy, sociology, medicine, anthropology, psychology and psychiatry - to examine fashion's complex relationship with post-industrial societies. Herein the authors address, from the standpoint of their respective disciplines, what crucial functions fashion fulfils in the modern world, especially as it relates to the construction and deconstruction of the self.

Berg Publishers have republished the earlier volume Fashion and Identity: A Multidisciplinary Approach, fruit of the 2004 Fashion, Image and Identity Experts Meeting.  This new book, in addition to the chapters in the original volume, includes a new preface by Joanne Finklestein of the University of Greenwich, and a chapter by Efrat Tseëlon (University of Leeds) entitled "How Successful is Communication via Clothing? Thoughts and Evidence on an Unexamined Paradigm."
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Preface, Joanne Finkelstein (University of Greenwich, London, UK)
Introduction, Diana Crane (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Fashion and Identity
1. The Modern Western Fashion Pattern, its Functions and Relationship to Identity, Colin Campbell (University of York, UK)
2. Fashion, Image, Identity, Ana Marta González (University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain)
3. Identity and Intersubjectivity, Ann Margaret Brach (Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences, USA)

Fashion as Communication
4. Fashion, Identity and Social Actors, Laura Bovone (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy)
5. The Proliferation of Fashion and the Decline of its Code of Meanings, Alejandro Nestor García Martínez (University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain)
6. How Successful is Communication via Clothing? Thoughts and Evidence on an Unexamined Paradigm, Efrat Tseëlon (University of Leeds, UK)
7. Adolescence: Identity, Fashion and Narcissism, María Elena Larraín (Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia)

Fashion, Image and Health
8. Fashion, Lifestyle and Psychiatry, Raphael M. Bonelli (University Clinic of Psychiatry in Graz, Austria)
9. The Impact of the Term 'Fashion' on Medical and Psychiatric Literature, Francesco Cecere (Eating Disorders Center, Rome, Italy)
10. Strong Fashion and Weak Identity: A Necessary Association? Maria Teresa Russo (Campus Bio-Medico University, Rome, Italy)