The Future of Fertility: The Impact of Gender Equality in the Developed World

05 Apr 2013

Two participants in STI's 2010 Whither the Child? Experts Meeting spoke at the University of Virginia on the relationship between gender equality and fertility in developed nations.

A number of public commentators have argued that the West faces a fertility crisis, a looming "empty cradle."

Hans-Peter Kohler, the Frederick Warren Professor of Demography at UPENN, has a more optimistic view of the future of fertility in the West. On March 27, 2013, in a session at UVA entitled "The Future of Fertility," he explained why he thinks developed countries that embrace gender equality are experiencing a rise in their fertility. Leonard Schoppa, the Associate Dean of the University of Virginia's College of Arts and Sciences, responded to Kohler.

Both are contributors to the new book, Whither the Child? Causes and Consequences of Low Fertility, coedited by W. Bradford Wilcox and Eric Kaufmann - both of whom were also contributors to the meeting and the book.