'The End of the University', by Roger Scruton

18 May 2015

British philosopher and writer Roger Scruton considers the social and moral purpose of the university in this article for 'First Things'. Scruton has participated in four Experts Meetings organized by STI.

STI Experts

Modern universities do not simply fail to transmit culture, argues Scruton, but rather they expressly deconstruct culture. The very concept of a culture worth passing on is rejected and replaced by the idea of an “inclusive culture” that can be constructed by any and all who wish to mold it. The intrinsic value of body of knowledge that forms a cultural inheritance is therefore denied. Yet Scruton upholds and defends the worth of cultural heritage as a means to understanding our worlds and ourselves. If the ‘elite’ universities can no longer serve as the forum for this cultural transference, Scruton suggests, other avenues will open up for the open discussion of truth that must go on

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