Tag: Governance

Mar, 25 '21

Target: Zero Emissions

Twenty-one percent of the world's largest public companies currently have zero emissions targets, according to a report by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) and Oxford Net Zero, co-authored by STI expert Thomas Hale.

Mar, 11 '21

Teleworking: Opportunity beyond the Pandemic

IESE Business School professor and STI expert Mireia Las Heras has analyzed the benefits of remote work for companies, society and employees from a survey of 2,690 people from various countries.

Nov, 11 '20

Can Purpose Deliver Better Corporate Governance?

Academics and practitioners came together in a three-day online event to discuss and debate not only whether purpose-driven companies can deliver better corporate governance, but also the role business should play in addressing some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges our world faces today.

Nov, 19 '19

Should a Manager Be Humble?

As firms are communities of people with a shared purpose, they require cooperation to yield not only economic results but also the development of people’s knowledge, abilities, values and virtues.

Mar, 23 '18

The Current Economy Warrants New Optimism

“The situation right now is very favorable, and to a great extent justifies the optimism that seems to characterize every opinion about the economy – quite the opposite of how we felt about it at this time last year,” according to Juan José Toribio, emeritus professor of economics at IESE.

Dec, 27 '17

Business Is a Pillar of a Dynamic Society

Lest business in general be tarred with the same brush as the financial system whose shortcomings have been notorious at least since the financial crisis, we share some of Robert P. George’s reflections on the role of “Business in a Decent and Dynamic Society”.

Jun, 05 '17

The Golden Rule as Good Business

The First International Conference of Humanist Economics, held in April in Madrid, encouraged businesses to get ‘Back to Basics,’ and apply the golden rule within the corporate environment for the benefit of all.

Jun, 07 '16

Can We Live the Good Life in the World of Finance and Banking?

Samuel Gregg (Research Director at Acton Institute) expands on his latest book 'For God and Profit: How Banking and Finance Can Serve the Common Good' for STI. Gregg has participated in three STI Experts Meetings and two resulting publications.

Mar, 29 '16

The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Economics

STI Expert John D. Mueller, Director of the Economics and Ethics Program of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), recently gave this lecture in Budapest about his book 'Redeeming Economics'.

Jan, 14 '15

Antonio Argandoña: "How Virtuous Must a Good Manager Be?"

Antonio Argandoña (Rethinking Business Management), who has been honored with the Ramón Mullerat prize for his career achievements in the dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility, shares his thoughts on “Virtues in Management.”

Jul, 25 '14

Carlos Cavallé: "My First Chair at IESE Was a Stool"

STI founder Carlos Cavallé shared this interview with IESE's magazine Seven Days, in its July 21, 2014 edition. Professor Cavallé was dean of IESE Business School for 17 years. He has been professor emeritus at IESE since 2003.