Tag: Bioethics

Nov, 09 '18

When All Possible Means Are Too Much

Doctor of medicine, priest and university professor of moral theology and bioethics, Pablo Requena has tackled thorny end-of-life issues in his latest book, ¡Doctor no haga todo lo posible! (Doctor, Don’t Do Everything Possible!). 

Mar, 12 '18

Will Science Remain Human in the Era of Technological Innovation?

Can machines substitute scientists in the crucial aspects of scientific practice? Scientific practice takes place in a context increasingly populated and executed by machines, and the objects of study are themselves increasingly constructed and identified by means of technology.

Jan, 17 '18

Euthanasia: Should We Follow the Road Belgium Has Paved?

Cambridge has published the first interdisciplinary study of the Belgian experience with end of life legislation. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Lessons from Belgium examines the country’s experience from legal, medical and philosophical perspectives, by way of example.

Sep, 05 '16

What Unique Moral Questions Are Raised by Pregnancy?

In her new book, "The Ethics of Pregnancy, Abortion and Childbirth: Exploring Moral Choices in Childbearing," Dr. Helen Watt addresses that question from a philosophical angle. Watt (Focus on the Embryo) expands on her work in this interview for STI.

Feb, 08 '16

Time Really Passes, Science Can’t Deny That

STI is pleased to share with its community this paper by Professor Nicolas Gisin (Is Science Compatible with Our Desire for Freedom?), presented at the Conference "Time in Physics" at the ETH-Zurich (September 2015) and recently published online.

Dec, 14 '15

On Biomedicine and its Limits

Joseph E. Davis (Construction of New Realities in Medicine) discusses some of the conclusions from our latest publication "To Fix or To Heal," of which he is co-editor.

Sep, 14 '15

The Insidious Impact of Assisted Suicide

Physician assisted suicide has been the subject of an historic vote in the United Kingdom. Professor David Albert Jones, director of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre in Oxford describes the significance of the vote and their contribution to the debate.

Sep, 01 '15

Debunking the Science vs. Religion Myth

"Science and Religion: Strangers, Rivals, or Partners in the Search for Truth?" was the topic of a University of Notre Dame seminar this summer lectured by Providence College STI expert Rev. Nicanor Austriaco.

Sep, 12 '13

"Is This Cell a Human Being?"

The Linacre Quarterly has published Dr. David Albert Jones’ review of the book "Is This Cell a Human Being? Exploring the Status of Embryos, Stem Cells and Human-Animal Hybrids"

Jul, 08 '11

STI Contributes to the Free Will Debate

Harvard Philosopher and Astrophysicist Bob Doyle has published the book Free Will: The Scandal in Philosophy, crediting STI's "Is Science Compatible with our Desire for Freedom?" Experts Meeting for spurring on much of his work.

Jan, 28 '11

STI on YouTube

STI's Is Science Compatible with Our Desire for Freedom? experts meeting is now available to watch on YouTube.

Nov, 02 '10

Free Interchange of Ideas

World-renowned physicists, neuroscientists and philosophers gathered in Barcelona to shed light on the important question posed by STI's latest bioethics Experts Meeting: "Is Science Compatible with Our Desire for Freedom?"