STI Expert Luis Echarte Published a Book on the Emotional Roots of Current Western Fashions

10 Mar 2015

A professor of Biomedical Humanities at the University of Navarra, Luis Echarte has recently authored “Hábitos emocionales en torno a la salud y la belleza” (Emotional habits surrounding health and beauty), published by EUNSA.

STI Experts

Hábitos emocionales en torno a la salud y la belleza (EUNSA), released on early March, explores the emotional roots of contemporary Western fashions surrounding health and beauty and, with it, invites the reader to advantageously use the various psychological and social dynamics that guide millions of people's behavior like an invisible hand.

Fear, frustration, jealousy, loneliness and fracture— heralds of postmodernism and veiled causes of an endless amount of addictive disorders— are presented in the pages of this new book as the most powerful enemies in societies based on risk and image.

With simple and accessible examples that compel the reader to self-reflection, Luis Echarte presents, on the one hand, a provocative diagnosis of an era in which games of contrast characterize and confuse medical practice, gyms and beauty salons and, on the other hand, a suggestive theory of habits and friendship to re-inspire life.

The Social Trends Institute has organized several meetings and seminars on fashion. It has also published two books on this topic: Fashion and Identity: A Multidisciplinary Approach (STI, 2004) and Identities Through Fashion (Berg Publishers, 2012). Both of them are fruit of STI’s Experts Meeting “Fashion, Image and Identity” (Rome, Italy. November 26, 2004).

Professor Echarte participated on STI’s “Construction of New Realities in Medicine” Experts Meeting, held in Barcelona on April, 2010.

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