Professionalization of Care: New Challenges

03 Apr 2014

The main insights of the STI experts meeting on Care Professions are to be published by Palgrave in May. Editors Ana Marta González and Craig Iffland advance the arguments.

Caring Professions and Globalization: Philosophical and Practical Perspectives is aimed at a broad audience interested in the challenges arising from the professionalization of care. While this subject has been the focus of many studies concerned with the development of the various health professions (e.g. nursing), this book also focuses on emerging professional domains of care (e.g. domestic work).

Chapters 1-3 pose a theoretical challenge to this dominant paradigm. Each links the activity of caregiving, and the emotions linked to the activity of “caring”, with an individual’s possession of certain virtues. Without the virtues, one cannot succeed at “caregiving.” Since, however, the virtues are those dispositions of character that are necessary for improving any sphere of human activity, it follows that “caring” and “caregiving”, as enabled by particular human virtues, are (a) subject to objective standards of evaluation, derived from the very relationship of caring for others and (b) have the potential to be features of sustainable improvement in the practice of the caring professions.  

In Chapters 4-6, utilizing the latest sociological literature on professional care work, each contributor explores the practice of care assuming a view of human beings as relational beings.

Chapters 7-10 provide some professional perspectives on the obstacles to professionalization of care work and suggest ways they might be overcome.


Book Index


Introduction by Ana Marta González & Craig Iffland


Part I: Theoretical Perspectives on Care

Chapter 1- Eva Kittay

Chapter 2- David Smith

Chapter 3- Kim Redgrave


Part II: Sociological Perspectives on Care

Chapter 4- Alejandro Garcia

Chapter 5- Melissa Moschella

Chapter 6- Ambrogia Cereda


Part III: Professional Perspectives on Care

Chapter 7- Richard Hugman

Chapter 8- Mercedes Perez (on nursing)

Chapter 9- Maria Pia Chirinos (on domestic work)

Chapter 10- Carlos Centeno (on palliative care)