Next STI Experts Meeting to Explore Modern Humanitarianism

25 Nov 2014

Understanding Modern Humanitarianism: Conditions, Consequences and Critical Concerns will be held in Barcelona from January 8-10, 2015 under STI’s Culture and Lifestyles Branch, with the academic leadership of Kent sociologist Iain Wilkinson.

7 sociologists, political scientists, journalists and media scholars will gather in Barcelona in January to consider how humanitarianism is defined and conceptualized, its connections to political, philosophical or economic ideologies, its human rights applications, and how solidarity is communicated and understood. 

Visit the meeting page for the guidelines for reflection, principal inquiries and participants.

Presentation abstracts:

Michael Barnett (George Washington University)Humanitarian Practices: Solidarity, Nudge, Shove, or Hegemony?

Peter Stamatov (Yale University) - Humanitarianism and Capitalism: Revisiting the Connection

David Rieff Power, Politics, and Ideology in Humanitarian Action

Claire Moon (London School of Economics)Forensic humanitarianism and the politics of the grave

Lilie Chouliaraki (London School of Economics) Post-humanitarianism. The contemporary politics of solidarity

Elísio Macamo (University of Basel)The Paradox of Humanitarianism and the Perils of Conceptualization

Iain Wilkinson (University of Kent) - Humanitarianism as a Problem for Social Understanding