Establishing Family Policies When the Family Itself is Not Established

27 Jul 2015

Ten years after STI’s first experts meeting - on family policies – the questions addressed in the meeting are still being debated. STI invites readers to share the original presentations, which are still relevant today.

The same questions that interested STI experts in 2004 remain largely unanswered. Should society recognize and support the family as a social entity? Why? Can and should the family be defined, and if so, how and by whom? 

The papers and responses collected here open to the public what was originally a private debate among scholars. 


Download the original meeting presentations and responses in PDF
Manfred Spieker has since edited his contribution. Download "The State and the Family in a Subsidiary Society"
Mary Ann Glendon's paper was published in Spanish as well. Download it here.
Ana Marta Gonzalez' response is available in Spanish. Download it here

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