Laura Bovone

Laura Bovone

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan

Graduated in Philosophy, she is a professor of Sociology of Communication, Director of the “Centro per lo studio della moda e della produzione culturale” and the Master’s program “Comunicazione per le industrie culturali” at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, where she is also in charge of the Doctorate in Sociology.

She was chair of the section Cultural Processes and Institutions of the Italian Sociological Association in 2002-2005. Her main research interests are: micro theories and methodologies, postmodernism and communication processes, city cultures, cultural production, and consumption and fashion. 

She has published a number of books on these topics as well as articles in various journals, such as Theory, Culture and Society10 (1993), International Journal of Contemporary Sociology 40 (2003), City and Community 4 (2005), and Poetics 34 (2006).

Read an abstract of her paper "Urban style cultures and urban cultural production in Milan: Postmodern identity and the transformation of fashion."