Fausto Colombo

Fausto Colombo

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan

Fausto Colombo is Full Professor of Media Theories and Media and Politics in the Faculty of Political Sciences, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan.

He is Coordinator of the Section "Cultural Processes and Institution” of the Italian Association of Sociologists (AIS), and member of Executive Board of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association).

Professor Fausto founded and directed for 18 years (until December 2012) OssCom - Research Center on Media and Communication, based at the Università Cattolica. OssCom is the first academic research center on media in Italy.

He is editor (with Guido Gili) of the sociological series of the La Scuola publishing house and member of the Editorial Board of the journals Comunicazioni Sociali, ComPolComunicazione Politica, Communication & Languages and CM. Communication Management Quarterly. He is also a member of the Scientific Council of the CELSA (Université Paris IV, Sorbonne),  a referee for national and international projects (Italian, Belgian and French Ministry of University, European Research Council) and for many national and international journals. Italian exponent in Cost Actions 20 on The impact of the internet on traditional media (Coordinator of the working group on Digitalization of TV); Cost Action 30 on East of West: Setting a New Central and Eastern European Media Research Agenda, and now a member of the Cost Action IS0906 on Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies.

Professor Colombo was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Educational Department of Rai – Radiotelevisione italiana (The Italian Broadcasting Public Service), and of Triennale, one of the biggest Italian cultural institutions.

Main publications:

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(1998) La cultura sottile. Media e industria culturale in Italia dall’Ottocento agli anni Novanta, Bompiani, Milano
(2001) Il prodotto culturale. Teorie, tecniche di analisi, case histories (with R. Eugeni, eds), Carocci, Roma
 (2003) Introduzione allo studio dei media. Carocci, Roma
(2008). Boom. Storia di quelli che non hanno fatto il '68. Rizzoli, Milano
(2010) Tracce. Atlante warburghiano della televisione, LinkRicerca, Milano
(2011). Broadband Society and Generational Changes (with L. Fortunati, eds), Peter Lang, Berlin
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(2011) Will Social Media save Democracies?,  «CM. Communication Management Quarterly», 6, p. 5-20
(2012) Il paese leggero. Gli italiani e i media fra contestazione e riflusso. 1967-1994, Laterza, Roma-Bari
(2012). Comunicazione, cultura, società. L’approccio sociologico alla relazione comunicativa (with G. Gili), La Scuola, Brescia
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(2012). The (Old) Value of Digital TV as a Cultural Product (with A. Cuman), AA.VV. The New Television Ecosystem, Peter Lang, Berlin, p. 105-120.