Antonio Hyder

Antonio Hyder

Toulouse Business School

Antonio's profile is interdisciplinary: He stands at the intersection of research with industry, and marketing with engineering. He is an accomplished professor of marketing, marketing director and electronics/systems engineer specialised in Internet marketing, online consumer behaviour and international marketing. He has lectured in parallel throughout his entire professional career working for pioneering Internet and Media companies including, Universal Records and Virgin.

He is the first person to have completed a pan-European marketing PhD at The University of Valencia/University of Nottingham (2011) obtaining the highest grade for his interdisciplinary marketing-technology research on Web site Engagement. With his thesis he solved -from a scientific perspective- a business challenge typically encountered by the Web industry: How to make Web sites engaging.

His PhD was followed by a post-doc period at Stanford University and was recently awarded best research article at the UK Academy of Marketing conference for applying his research on Web site engagement to the online travel industry. 

His academic objective is to become a thought leader in the fields of online consumer behaviour, online marketing and e-tourism whilst having an interest in innovation. Through his company Hydermarketing, he conducts global marketing consultancy projects applying marketing scientific research to Internet and innovative technology companies. He serves as an expert advisor for the European Commission's R&D-Tech-Economic programs, and participates actively in research-industry conferences across the world.