Neville Cobbe

Neville Cobbe

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Neville Cobbe took his first degree in genetics at Trinity College Dublin and then completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the evolution and function of proteins that contribute to chromosome structure and behavior. He remained at the University of Edinburgh as a post-doctoral researcher, contributing to analyses of the human version of a novel protein previously identified in fruit flies as having roles in both cell division and cell migration. He is currently researcher at Institute of Integrative Biology (University of Liverpool).

Aside from his own research in genetics and cell biology, Cobbe has been interested in various aspects of communicating science and its relevance to society. As well as contributing to exhibitions for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, this has led him to participate in various workshops for young people or adults on bioethical issues ranging from genetic testing to stem cells and cloning.

He has also given both oral and written evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, subsequently becoming a recent member of the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics. Most recently, he has written for the Journal of Medical Ethics on the subject of the human cloning debate.

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