Luis Echarte

Luis Echarte is a Professor of Biomedical Humanities at the University of Navarra School of Medicine. He is one of the academic coordinators of the Master's Program in Bioethics. His specialization is in neuroethics and moral psychology.

Some of his published work includes the following: “Therapeutic and Cosmetic Psychopharmacology. Risks and Limits” (Cuadernos de Bioética, 2009); “Mind on Nature: The Problem of Unconscious Teleology” (Anuario Filosófico, 2008); and "Metodologia Didattica e Innovazione Clinica" (Medic, 2004).

In December, 2015, Prof. Luis Echarte discussed with STI some of the conclusions of his last paper "Teleological markers: Seven lines of hypothesis around Denett's theory of habits". Read the conversation here.

Watch a youtube video of Professor Echarte speaking on "The Mind of the Universe.  Evolutionism, Cosmology and the End of Knowledge":