Joachim Huarte

Dr. Joachim Huarte was born in Spain and is a double national of Spain and Switzerland, where he now resides. Dr Huarte received his PhD in Biological Sciences in 1987 at the Science Faculty of the University of Geneva. He wrote his thesis title on “Plasminogen activators of mouse gametes: potential insights into the biology of fertilization”, which was awarded a Prix BIZOT.

From 1994-1996 he was a Scientific Collaborator at the Department of Morphology at the University of Geneva Medical School. Dr. Huarte has been Chargé d’enseignement at the Department of Genetic Medicine and Development since 1995.

His research has focused on molecular activation of maternal mRNAs (1983-1998), mammalian fertilization (1985-1993), oganogenesis of the pancreas (1990-1996), animal experimental models for medical research (1990-2001) and most recently, meiotic maturation of oocytes and use of embryonic stem cells.

Dr. Huarte is a member of the Swiss Society for Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology, the Swiss Stem Cells Network, the Swiss Society of Bioethics, the Société Académique de Genève, the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Scientific Committee of the European Institute of Bioethics

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