Antoine Suarez

Antoine Suarez is a quantum physicist and philosopher (Center for Quantum Philosophy – Zurich and Geneva) and researcher in Bioethics. His before-before experiment, carried out by the Nicolas Gisin Group (Quantum Optics Laboratory, University of Geneva), demonstrates that quantum effects (non-local correlations) come from outside space-time. With Alfred Driessen, Professor Suarez edited a book entitled Mathematical Undecidability, Quantum Nonlocality and the Question of the Existence of God.

In bioethics, together with Joachim Huarte, he has proposed criteria (DIANA) for distinguishing between "disabled embryos" and "non-embryos". He is developing arguments supporting that the capability for neural activity and the moral status of the embryo do not depend on the embryo's implantation, and working on the proposal for an experiment to test whether the Inner Cell Mass can be considered equivalent to a colony of Embryonic Stem Cells.

Professor Suarez is a member of both the Executive Committee and the Scientific Committee of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, which gathers professors, researchers and students to reflect on recent scientific advances.

He will edit a forthcoming publication, sponsored by the Social Trends Institute, which presents various proposals for distinguishing between embryos, non-embryos, and disabled embryos.

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