Silvia Caianiello

Silvia Caianiello

Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in the Modern Age, Naples, Italy

Silvia Caianiello is Senior Researcher at the Institute for the History of Philosophy and Science in the Modern Age (ISPF) of the Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.) in Naples, Italy. Since 2016, she is associated to Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples. She is co-editor of the Book Series “Filosofia e saperi. Crossing boundaries between humanities and life sciences” (CNR Edizioni). She is member of ISPHSSB ("International Society for the History, Philosophy, & Social Studies of Biology"); member and, since 2015, Vice-Director of Res viva. Interuniversity Research Center for the Epistemology and History of Life Sciences.

Her research interests and experiences range from the History of European Philosophy since Modern Age to the History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, with a methodological focus on conceptual transfers across different scientific fields.

She conducted extensive research on the correlation between representations of time and epistemologies of history from XVIII to XX Century, and on bridging concepts between Human and Life Sciences since the XIX Century.

Currently her main research field is the history and philosophy of evolutionary theory and evo-devo, (Evolutionary Developmental Biology), with particular focus on systemic and hierarchical approaches to biological organization and evolutionary change.