Lucia Ruggerone

Lucia Ruggerone

Università della Valle d'Aosta

Dr. Ruggerone is  Senior Lecturer in  Sociology, Università della Valle d’Aosta. She has been previously Lecturer in Sociology of Culture at Università Cattolica di Milano (2001-2010) and Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, UK (1994-97).

Her main research interests are in the sociology of the body,  gender studies, urban and popular culture and qualitative methodologies. She is currently preparing a publication exploring the connections between the centrality assigned to bodily image in late capitalist societies and the emergence of new forms of addiction, or “lifestyle addictions", such as eating disorders, sports addiction, compulsive shopping, recurrent plastic surgery, etc..

A selection of publications includes: The simulated (fictitious) body: The production of women’s images in fashion photography in Poetics, December 2006; Bodies between genders: in search of new forms of identity, in Gonzalez M. (ed), Gender identities in a globalized world, Humanity Books, 2009; with L. Bovone (eds), Che genere di moda?, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2006 and Quartieri in bilico. Periferie milanesi a confronto, Bruno Mondadori, Milano, and Le immagini nelle scienze sociali: la ricerca visuale come metodo, in C. Lunghi- A. Trasforini (a cura di), La precarietà degli oggetti. Estetiche ordinarie in contesti di povertà, Donzelli, Roma, 2010.

Professor Ruggerone received her BA in Political Science and her PhD in Sociology from the Università Cattolica di Milano.