Ellen Berrey

Ellen Berrey is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto and an affiliated scholar of the American Bar Foundation. Her work examines the crossroads of racism, law, and inequality in American culture.

She is the author of The Enigma of Diversity: The Language of Race and the Limits of Racial Justice, which was awarded the 2016 Herbert Jacob book prize of the Law and Society Association, and (with R. Nelson and L. Nielsen) Rights on Trial: How Employment Discrimination Law Perpetuates Inequality. Among her recent articles are “Dequantifying Diversity: Affirmative Action and Admissions at the University of Michigan” Theory & Society (2016) and “Making a Civil Rights Claim for Affirmative Action: BAMN’s Legal Mobilization and the Legacy of Race-Conscious Policies.” Du Bois Review (2015).