Antonella Ficorilli

Antonella Ficorilli

Società per l’epidemiologia e la prevenzione “GA Maccacaro”, Milan, Italy

Antonella Ficorilli is Bioethicist and Ethical Counsultant. She graduated in Philosophy at Sapienza University of Rome, where she also achieved the Master’s degree in “Practical Ethics and Bioethics”. She achieved a Ph.D degree in Bioethics at Bologna University.

Since 2019, she is working on the ethical issues related to the field of citizen science and participatory epidemiological studies as member of the Italian group of the European project Horizon 2020 “Citizen Science for Urban Environment and Health” (Cities-Health).

She worked on the ethical and regulatory issues of biomedical research involving human biological samples and associated data from 2016 to 2018. She firstly started to work on this topic when she worked on a research project about ethical aspects of the relationship between doctor and patient in the multiple sclerosis field in collaboration with the Italian association “Consulta di Bioetica” and an Italian public centre of multiple sclerosis in the Hospital “San Luigi Gonzaga” in Orbassano (Turin). During this job, the biobanking subject emerged as an ethical problem that the multiple sclerosis centre needed to solve. Successively, when she worked on the ethical and regulatory issues related to the biobanking in the epidemiological field and the citizen science field, providing ethical consultation to a civic project called “Fondazione Bioteca di Popolazione”. She wrote information sheets and informed consent forms for the collection, storage and use of human biological samples and associated date for research purposes. In addition, she is continuing to work on this topic based on specific goals of the Italian pilot study involved in the CitieS-Health project. She taught bioethics and medical ethics in University Masters. Since 2019, she is teaching bioethics at Milan University as contract professor.

Another research interest of her is about ethics of scientific research with attention to the social responsibility of the scientists. She began dedicating time to this research interest when she were a Postdoctoral Fellow at Turin University in order to work on the subject of ethical and social responsibility of scientists in the field of communication of science from 2012 to 2013. Since then she is going on to follow this subject.

She was member of the Bioethics Committee at the hospital “Policlinico Militare Celio” in Rome from 2005 to 2013.