To date, STI's Bioethics branch has held the following Experts Meetings:

STI Experts Meetings

Personalized Medicine. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Complexity

University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy | February 2-4, 2020
In recent years, the concept of “Personalized Medicine” (PM) has acquired a central place in medical literature. The definition of PM is in itself controversial and widely debated. The connection between “personalization” and genotype is evident, for example: knowledge about the genes of a patient is useful to tailor -sometimes and for some diseases- treatment to the patient’s condition.

Will Science Remain Human?

Rome, Italy | March 5-6, 2018
Can machines substitute for scientists in the crucial aspects of scientific practice? This is the question at the heart of the "Will Science Remain Human? Frontiers of the Incorporation of Technological Innovations in the Bio-Medical Sciences" Experts Meeting.

Is Science Compatible with Our Desire for Freedom?

Barcelona, Spain | October 28-30, 2010
This Experts Meeting aimed to investigate whether it is possible to have a science in which there is room for human freedom, and in particular whether today’s quantum physics might offer an appropriate framework for this purpose.

Focus on the Embryo

Barcelona, Spain | January 23-25, 2009
How to distinguish between a human cell with the moral status of a human person, and one without personhood in order to ethically assess new methods of therapy and research involving stem cells.