About STI

The Social Trends Institute is a non-profit research center that offers institutional and financial support to academics of all fields who seek to make sense of emerging social trends and their effects on human communities.

We live in a rapidly transforming world. Underlying broad social changes, it is often possible to identify specific social and cultural trends that effect people and institutions alike.

STI focuses its research on five subject areas: Family, Bioethics, Culture & LifestylesGovernance and Civil Society.

STI organizes Experts Meetings, which bring scholars together to present and discuss each others' original research in an academic forum. These meetings are not open to the public and are intended to foster open intellectual dialogue between scholars from all over the world, of various academic backgrounds, disciplines and traditions. STI helps to publish a collection of the conference papers in a single volume, revised and reviewed in light of the meeting discussion.

STI’s sole aim is to promote research and scholarship of the highest academic standards. In so doing, we hope to make a scholarly contribution towards understanding the varying and complex social trends that are intertwined with the modern world. We are committed, then, to that which makes such scholarship possible: intellectual freedom, openness to a diversity of viewpoints and a shared commitment to serve our common humanity.