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​Ignatieff Addresses the Challenge of a New Global Ethic

11 Nov 2014
“Reimagining a Global Ethic” by Michael Ignatieff, was recently published in the journal Ethics and International Affairs. Ignatieff opened STI’s “Globalization and the Common Good” meeting with the similarly themed lecture “Imagining a Global Ethic"

“Reimagining a Global Ethic”, by Michael Ignatieff, opens the first of seven Carnegie Council Centennial Roundtables that form the project “Ethics for a Connected World.”  The essay considers the current framework of a “global ethic” in the singular (philosophical considerations of the ethical distribution of global wealth) and “global ethics” in the plural (political solutions by international bodies regarding universally applied ethical principles of individual rights, sovereignty, rules of war, etc…), and examines the conflicts between and within each part of this framework. 

Read the entire article at Cambridge Journals Website

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