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Isabelle Le Breton-Miller

Isabelle Le Breton-Miller

HEC Montreal

Isabelle Le Breton-Miller is Senior Research Associate at the University of Alberta. She has served in senior human resource management positions in a variety of companies. Her areas of research interest are organization design, human resources strategies, and family enterprise. She has published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, Business Horizons, Long Range Planning, Strategic Organization, and other journals. Her mols recent book is "Managing for the Long Run" (with Danny Miller, Harvard Business School Press, 2005), selected by JPMOrgan Chase as one of the 10 "must read" books for 2005. It is to be translated into five languages. She consults with major international corporations in the areas of human resources and organizational design. Her practice and continuing research focus on how firms can better design their organizations to manage for the long run.

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