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Simona Segre Reinach

Simona Segre Reinach

University of Bologna

Simona Segre Reinach is Professor of Fashion Theory and Fashion Design at Bologna University. She has written from a global perspective about fashion theory in publications such as The Fashion History Reader and Fashion Theory. She is on the Board of Advisors of Fashion Theory and Dress Cultures (Tauris, London). She is a member of MIC (Moda Immagine Consumi), a research center at Università degli Studi of Milan. In Italian she has written four books: Mode in Italy. Una lettura antropologica (1999), La Moda. Un’introduzione (2005, 2010), Orientalismi. La moda nel mercato globale. Manuale di sociologia, comunicazione e cultura della moda (2006), Un mondo di mode. Il vestire globalizzato (2011). 


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