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Iain Wilkinson

Iain Wilkinson

University of Kent

Iain Wilkinson is a Reader in Sociology at the University of Kent. His research attempts to document and explain how people’s experience of ‘the problem of suffering’ changes through history and between societies. He is interested to explore the potential for the incidence of human suffering to operate as a force of social and cultural change. This brings a focus to occasions where encounters with the problem of suffering are involved in changing people’s beliefs and attitudes. It also concerns an attempt to understand how cultural perceptions of human suffering are implicated within the actions taken in response to the needs of others. His publications include, Anxiety in a Risk Society (2001), Suffering: A Sociological Introduction (Polity 2005), Risk Vulnerability and Everyday Life (2010) and (co-authored with Arthur Kleinman),  A Passion for Society: On Social Suffering, Social Science and Social Care (2015). 

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