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Thomas Moring

Thomas Moring

University of Helsinki

Tom Moring (Dr.Pol.Sc., Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki) is Professor of Communication and Journalism. He has worked as journalist, Director of Radio Programs at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (1993-1997), and Chair of the Board of the newspaper publishing house HSS Media (2002-2012). He was Secretary General of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (1999.2001), and Member of the Committee of Experts of the Charter for Regional or Minority Languages of the Council of Europe (2001-2004). He has published comparative research on Minorities and the Media, Election Campaigns, Political Communication and Broadcasting. He is a frequent Keynote speaker and has given courses and lectured in universities in more than 10 countries. He holds a part time position as Professor II at the Sámi University College in Norway.

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