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Pilar León Sanz

Pilar León Sanz

University of Navarra

Pilar León is an Associate Professor of the History of Medicine and the Director of the Department of Biomedical Humanities at the University of Navarra School of Medicine. She was an Honorary Research Fellow at the Welcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL (2002). She continues to investigate subjects related to 18th-century medicine in Spain, especially about music therapy and the patient-physician relationship, but now gives most of her energy to studying the practices of health-care professionals during the 20th century. Her publications include: La Tarantola Spagnola. Empirismo e tradizione nel XVIII secolo (Lècce, 2008); Vicente Ferrer Gorraiz Beaumont y Montesa (1718-1792), un polemista navarro de la ilustración (Pamplona, 2007); and La implantación de los derechos del paciente. Comentarios a la Ley 41/2002 (Pamplona, 2004).Some of her recent articles include: "Professional Responsibility and the Welfare System in Spain at the Turn of the Century" (Hygiea Internationalis, 2006 5(1): 75-90) and "Profesión y asistencia médico-farmacéutica en los escritos de Jaime Vera, 1859-1918" (Dynamis, 2006, 26, 169-193). 


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