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Leonardo Martins Dias

Leonardo Martins Dias


Leonardo Martins Dias is Strategic Advisor in Sustainability to companies, academia, governments, NGOs and international agencies. He focuses on poverty alleviation through international cooperation. An operative professional in the sustainability field, he developed his carrer in multinational companies like KPMG, Telefónica and O2 with global responsabilities. Mr. Dias teaches Projects Direction at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) in Madrid. He has more than 20 years of experience managing multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, in charge of projects in sustainability in more than 20 countries and 25 different business sectors. His project Extension of Sustainability to the Supply Chain was awarded the ‘world best practice' by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and his conference Putting People First: Building Sustainable Cities with Communities in the UN Summit Rio+20 won first place in the UN public vote.

Currently Mr. Dias' main initiative to reduce poverty is Leadership Empowerment for Sustainability in the world's deprived areas through experiential learning programs. He holds a Degree in Business Administration from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) and a Masters in Management and Marketing from ESADE Business School, where he also participated in sustainability and social projects management trainings. He is a LEAD International Fellow and advisor, a UN consultant organism, and he trains programs in sustainability in Brazil, Spain, UK, Belgium - and other UE countries - and Canada. He regularly publishes on sustainability issues.

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