Barbara Osimani

Barbara Osimani

Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and University of Ancora

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Barbara Osimani is Associate Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Polytechnic University of the Marche and is currently heading an ERC project, which also runs at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU: "Philosophy of Pharmacology: Safety, Statistical Standards, and Evidence Amalgamation".

She is interested in scientific inference in research contexts characterized by strategic behavior and is developing a "Formal Epistemology of Medicine" in order to analyze issues arising in medical research, with a special focus on the complex interaction of methodological, social and regulatory as well as ethical dimensions in medicine.

She worked on the precautionary principle, evidence hierarchies, causal assessment of pharmaceutical harm, and statistical inference. Her recent papers analyze issues around philosophy of evidence (reliability, bias, reproducibility, coherence) from a Bayesian perspective.

Together with Jürgen Landes and Roland Poellinger; Professor Osimani has developed a Bayesian framework for the integration of heterogenous items of evidence for the purpose of causal assessment of drug-induced harm ("E-Synthesis").