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Social Trends Institute

STI is an independent, non-profit research center that offers institutional and financial support to academics in all fields who seek to make sense of emerging social trends and their effects on human communities.

Experts Meetings

  • Cultural Diversity and International Order

    Experts in International Relations, Sociology, History, Political Theory and Law will explore the critical relationship between cultural diversity and international order by bridging disciplinary boundaries.

    2 months ago
  • Family Inequality: Causes and Consequences in Europe & the Americas

    The meeting explores why families are increasingly unequal throughout North America and Europe, with college-educated Americans and Europeans being much more likely to get and stay married, and less-educated Americans and Europeans being much more likely to face high levels of singleness, family instability, and single parenthood.

    3 months ago
  • Transforming Global Governance

    The workshop is intended to bring together scholars to explore whether there has been a change in the organization of global governance, what has produced this change, and whether this change is good or bad for achieving progress on the world’s most pressing global issues. 

    6 months ago


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