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STI is an international research center dedicated to the analysis of significant social trends: Family, Bioethics, Culture & Lifestyles and Corporate Governance


  • Debunking the Science vs. Religion Myth

    "Science and Religion: Strangers, Rivals, or Partners in the Search for Truth?" was the topic of a University of Notre Dame seminar this summer lectured by Providence College STI expert Rev. Nicanor Austriaco.

    sep 01, '15
  • Establishing Family Policies When the Family Itself is Not Established

    Ten years after STI’s first experts meeting - on family policies – the questions addressed in the meeting are still being debated. STI invites readers to share the original presentations, which are still relevant today.

    jul 27, '15
  • Digital Strategies an Important Weapon in the Election Arsenal

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Journalism Professor Daniel Kreiss (Crisis of Journalism) investigates a new breed of election worker – knowledgeable in digital strategies. His new study considers how campaigns are affected.

    jul 13, '15
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