Social Trends Institute

STI is an independent, non-profit research center that offers institutional and financial support to academics in all fields who seek to make sense of emerging social trends and their effects on human communities.

Experts Meetings

  • Elevating Fatherhood: Policies, Organizations and Health and Wellbeing

    Fatherhood involvement is influenced by multiple factors operating at macro- (institutional practices and culture), meso- (peer and family support), and micro-levels (personal characteristics) over the life course. This meeting will take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the favorable conditions at each level that allow fathers to be as involved as they want to be, and thereby transmit differential advantages to their children.

    8 months ago
  • Will Science Remain Human?

    Can machines substitute for scientists in the crucial aspects of scientific practice? This is the question at the heart of the "Will Science Remain Human? Frontiers of the Incorporation of Technological Innovations in the Bio-Medical Sciences" Experts Meeting.

    11 months ago
  • The Future of Global Governance

    Has there been a significant change in the architecture of global governance? To the degree that there has been broad and identifiable change, what are the chief causes? And what are the effects of these changes? Do they make it more difficult or easier to solve global governance problems?

    one year ago