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STI is an international research center dedicated to the analysis of significant social trends: Family, Bioethics, Culture & Lifestyles and Corporate Governance


  • Theology and Philosophy: Can They Survive in the Modern University?

    In this piece, St. Andrews philosophy professor John Haldane, who has contributed to three STI experts meetings and publications, defends philosophy and theology as academic disciplines and describes the challenges they face in the modern university.

    jun 20, '16
  • World Family Map Report Highlighted at the United Nations

    Speaking at the fourth annual commemoration of Global Parents’ Day at the UN, STI contributor W. Bradford Wilcox presented conclusions from this and the previous year’s World Family Map reports to an audience of some 200 diplomats and NGO leaders.

    jun 13, '16
  • Can We Live the Good Life in the World of Finance and Banking?

    Samuel Gregg (Research Director at Acton Institute) expands on his latest book 'For God and Profit: How Banking and Finance Can Serve the Common Good' for STI. Gregg has participated in three STI Experts Meetings and two resulting publications.

    jun 07, '16
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